Ethics in tech was the theme of Manchester Digital’s annual Member Conference, 发生在布朗伍德家的事.2024年6月20日星期四,在圆形广场1号. 这次活动是由……赞助的 GlobalLogic, 全球最大的博彩平台城市大学Bruntwood科技

MD Katie Gallagher OBE welcomed the room of Manchester Digital members to the conference, 其中也包括会员周年大会. 

托马斯·希普利, GlobalLogic的工程经理, gave a talk about sustainable value creation 和 its ethical advantage. 他解释说,虽然科技发展很快, 组织行动缓慢, 所以要保持技术领先是不可能的. “Think holistically 和 ethically in order to decide which tech to move ahead with. Ethical 和 sustainable practice is a source of competitive advantage.”

Manchester Digital 和 Auto Trader announced they were working on a new Carbon Literacy Programme for the tech industry. This was the topic of a panel discussion which included: Natalia Phipps, 倡导部的负责人,拉维·维卡里亚, 数字和技术部门协调员, 都来自碳扫盲项目, 艾莉鲍威尔, 全球最大的博彩平台数字公司的社区执行官和大卫·威廉姆斯, Auto Trader的主要开发人员. 

Ellie said: “Manchester Digital are in a fortunate position in that we have great relationships with businesses across the industry, 作为一个会员组织, 可持续发展对我们的会员来说非常重要. When we heard about the Carbon Literacy Trust, we thought it was a no brainer. Developing a toolkit is a great first step for businesses to share with their clients 和 employees in order to make a wider impact.”

We also heard from a panel titled 'Ethics of the Attention Economy Examining addictive product design' chaired by Lisa Talia Moretti, 数字社会学家(用户研究主管), 来自AND Digital, 丽芙·布拉德伯里, 德勤分析师, Jemma Twigg, AJ Bell和Andy Tebb的用户体验设计师, 工程中心主任, 从GlobalLogic.  

讨论的中心是黑色图案, 哪个是用来制造科技的, 比如社交媒体应用, 上瘾和利用心理弱点. Jemma说, “It’s good to educate yourself on what dark patterns are so you’re not being convinced to use them unknowingly. 无限卷轴的开发者说他现在后悔了.”

Andy added that ethical guidelines were really important for a business, but ultimately you’re still competing against other businesses who may not have the same ethics. 丽芙认为目前的规定是不够的, 所有人都同意其他行业, 比如金融, 是否受到了更严格的监管,而这并未扼杀创造力. 

Here’s a round up of the other afternoon talks, which ran across two tracks:

Studio 1: "Innovation support for SMEs" - 全球最大的博彩平台城市大学

詹姆斯·克劳利, 企业的, talked us through his work in supporting businesses in innovation 和 growth. He said, “Innovation is more than technology – innovation needs to be market-led.“詹姆斯向我们介绍了一些全球最大的博彩平台创新的理论, 并以宝贵的建议结束, “做你自己的事, 不在里面.”

Studio 2: "AI, the Proof of Concept era 和 barriers to overcome (including AI Assurance)" - Naimuri

Phininder Balaghan博士, Naimuri的全球人工智能能力主管, 主持了一个引人入胜的会议,解释了什么是人工智能, how businesses can innovate with it (“为了人工智能和创新的成功, 我们必须协同工作. 为了人工智能和创新的成功, 我们必须共同努力”), the dreaded Valley of Death (between innovation 和 operationalisation), 最后是人工智能保障的重要性, concluding that ““Assurance should be at the forefront of everything you do when it comes to AI.”

Studio 1 - "Use it or lose it: How the DRCF AI 和 Digital Hub pilot can help you innovate with confidence" - DRCF 

莎拉·迈耶斯, 集团经理和尤安·伯克, 首席政策顾问, from the Digital Regulation Cooperation Forum (DRCF) AI 和 Digital Hub, 通过他们的服务告诉我们, which is a collaboration through the four main regulatory bodies in the UK. They offer advice to increase confidence in innovators in bringing their AI product or service to market. 萨拉解释, “We want to make sure the UK is one of most innovation-friendly l和scapes to do business in.”

Studio 2 - "Web accessibility – What it is 和 why it’s important" - Code Computerlove

亚历克斯Clapperton, Senior Front End Developer at Code Computerlove discussed what we mean by accessibility (the practice of making your websites usable by as many people as possible) 和 why we should do it, 建议是因为这是正确的事, 它提高了SEO, 而且重要的是, 因为这是法律! Alex also offered some tips for developers to help make websites more accessible, 包括使用语义HTML, 使用ARIA(但使用得好)!), using tools to test what you build 和 working with designers at every stage of the process.

工作室1:“我们能安全地部署AI吗?——Fuzzy Labs

马特乡绅, Fuzzy实验室的首席技术官, gave an extremely interesting talk around how businesses can employ AI safely, 还有很多不同的思考方式. He asked what duty of care does an engineer have in deploying their AI product, 以及如何保证它们的安全, 和 introduce safety features for the end user 和 also the vendor. 

He gave a case study around using a Large Language Model to create a mental health service, 并举例说明可能出现的问题, 比如不小心给出了错误的信息, 甚至是恶意的. 

工作室2 -“性别 & Generative AI: An Investigation into Gender Bias in Text-Based Generative AI Tools" - 6point6

在2号工作室的最后一节课, 伊泽贝尔戴利, 副主任- AI在6point6, shared the fascinating results of her study into gender bias in text based generative AI, 以及我们能做些什么来解决它. Very little has been done to look into why text based tools show gender bias, but it’s unsurprising given the societal reasons behind gender bias, 显著的性别数据差距, the pervasiveness of gender stereotypes 和 the lack of gender diversity in tech. 伊莎贝尔说, “Gender bias in Generative AI matters because biassed outputs influence society, 强化有害的刻板印象,歪曲事实。”.

就我们能做什么而言, Isobel suggested that addressing the symptoms is just a short term fix, 我们必须解决问题的根源.


Our Member Conference is exclusively attended by Manchester Digital members. 如果你想十大正规博彩网站评级这个社区,了解更多 在这里.